Planix, Inc

In a Nutshell

Planix provides network and UNIX systems services through project and maintenance contracts as well as on demand. Our expertise includes design and software programming for UNIX systems; design and administration of networks; Internet services setup and management; as well as data integrity and security consulting and auditing.

Our Principals

The senior partners combine almost a century of UNIX system experience, in a variety of business and government environments. They have established individual reputations as innovators, problem solvers, and dependable performers. Prior to coming to Planix, each has contributed significantly to the success of UNIX systems and internetworking in Toronto and beyond.

Our Principles

We readily acknowledge our enthusiasm for UNIX and open systems. Having become recognised experts in computing environments ranging from MS-DOS to MVS, we clearly understand the excellence of the UNIX environment, and we have chosen to work with it, and with clients who also value this excellence. We are reasonably agnostic about the flavours of UNIX we work with, though our favourites do stick close to the original and currently this means one of the BSDs, preferrably NetBSD.

While we are good at fighting fires when they rage, we are also very effective at fire prevention, and early detection. We understand how a properly managed system will tend to stay out of trouble, and we offer that kind of management. We know that systems don't have a 9-5 mentality, and neither do we. We offer emergency support around the clock.

What We Do

We offer consulting services ranging from management consulting and systems analysis to system and application programming, as well as packaged system and network installation and setup services.

We provide both routine and emergency UNIX systems support. Whether or not you have your own system administration staff, we offer our expertise as your needs dictate.

We are very strong in general systems programming and maintenance, UNIX systems administration, security and data integrity, network design and administration.

How We Do It

We offer pay-by-the hour emergency support. We also provide ongoing support contracts as well as project based contracts. We start with a general assessment of your system to identify your needs and requirements. This assessment will provide a basis for estimating the expected workload and costs. A support contract entitles you to ongoing routine maintenance, customised to your system configuration and management needs. It also gives you a preferential rates and service in case of emergency.

We monitor your systems health remotely and automatically, and we solve your problems with you or without you, on site or on-line, as you prefer.

Planix®, Inc.

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