The NewSyslog Project

General Information

I'm maintaining an enhanced version of newsyslog originally written by Theodore Ts'o and now found in almost every *BSD clone and GNU/Linux system. It has integrated the best features of the versions supplied with NetBSD, FreeBSD, and OpenBSD, and it's internal algorithms have been almost completely re-written.


newsyslog is a highly configurable program for managing and archiving log files.


So, just what does this newsyslog have to offer? Here's a list of some of the most interesting features taken from the README file in the latest release:

Release Information

As of the last time this web page was updated the current release was: 1.1.

The latest beta test release is: [new]

You can read about the history of user-visible changes up to the latest release in the online copy of the NEWS file.

The most recent release is always available as:


You can read both the newsyslog manual page and the newsyslog.conf manual page online.

Michael Lucas wrote a nice little article about newsyslog in his ``Big Scary Daemons'' column in O'Reilly's on-line newsletter. It's not quite 100% accurate in the details mentioned with respect to my version, but it'll get you started! Reference

My version of newsyslog is listed on at

Future Plans

You can read about any ideas I've recorded for possible future implementation in the online copy of the ToDo file.


The original version of newsyslog upon which this version is based came from NetBSD.

For further information about the NewSyslog project in particular, or to comment on this particular web page, please contact me at this address:

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