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Welcome to our corporate home on the world wide web.

The Company

Planix® specializes in computer networking, systems programming, systems design and integration, and Unix system administration.

The company was founded in Toronto and originally incorporated in the Province of Ontario in October of 1993. Our company profile presents us in more detail.

Our name, Planix, is a registered trademark in Canada.

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Planix® Partners

Peter Renzland
Peter Renzland

Greg A. Woods
Greg A. Woods

Planix®'s FTP site

We maintain a small FTP site with an assortment of files in /pub and /pub/misc. It is also the home of the Smail-3 distribution /pub/Smail

Other Stuff

This Web Server

It is also home to multiple WWW servers, mail servers and other local network services, mostly used as testbeds for virtual domains.

Planix®, Inc.
4112 Lemky Road
Kelowna, British Columbia
Canada V1W 4E1

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